Bird's-eye View of New York - 1873


Panorama of New York with Battery Park in the foreground and the projected Brooklyn Bridge on the right, completed in 1883. Artist: George Schlegel. Published by Geo. Degen, ©1873. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

In 1870, the population of New York City reached 942 thousand residents. In 1874, West Bronx was annexed to the City of New York. The 1870s were of significant transformation for the city, the beginning of the Gilded Age. Rapid urban expansion was a challenge for the city's infrastructure, such as housing, sanitation and transportation. New York City was flooded with Irish immigrants fleeing famine after a mysterious blight decimated Ireland's potato harvest in the 1850s. At the time, new residential areas were created further north in Manhattan.

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NY view



Bird's Eye Views of NYC


Central Park NY


Baterry Park NY


New York City 19th century


Downtown NY


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Greater New York




Below, enlargement of the Manhattan tip.


NY Panorama








Below, enlargement of part of Downtown Manhattan.













Bird's-eye View of New York - 1873



Nineteenth century NY



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