Southwest Prospect of the City of New York - 1806


Print shows the bow of a ship anchored in the foreground and a view of the waterfront buildings of New York City along the shore in the background. Text on print: "A South West Prospect of the City of New York (1806) Engraved by Sidney L. Smith from a Contemporary Print for the Society of Iconophiles, New York, 1906". Engraved by Walter M. Aikman in 1921 for the Society of Iconophiles. Source: Mabel Brady Garvan Collection, Yale University Art Gallery.

This print seems to be based on a watercolor by A. Robertson, about 1793, but with the waterfront buildings updated for 1806. The second temple of Trinity Church, built 1790, is represented on the left and the Government House, whose front façade faced Bowling Green, is in the center. It was also built in 1790. The Battery is on the right. Enlargements of the buildings are shown below.


South West Prospect


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