Dakota Flats - 1903


Dakota Flats (title of the photo) at 1 West 72nd Street, Upper West Side in New York City, looking from Terrace Drive, Central Park.

It was design by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh (l847-19l8). He worked for Detlef Lienau from I865 to 1870. After designing The Dakota, Hardenbergh became widely known for the hotels which he designed, including the Waldorf-Astoria and the Plaza, in New York City, and the Copley-Plaza in Boston.

Construction was begun on October 25, 1860; and completed on October 27, l884.

Photograph copyrighted 1903 by A. Loeffler, Tompkinsville, N.Y. (Library of Congress).


Dakota Flats


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Dakota Flats - 1903