New York, East River from Williamsburg - 1848


Original title: New-York and Environs, from Williamsburg. The East River and waterfronts are the main features. Manhattan is on the right, Brooklyn is on the left and Williamsburg is in the foreground. Despite its name, the East River is actually a tidal strait.

Illustration drawn from nature and lithographed by E. W. Foreman and E. Brown Jr. Printed by Sarony & Major. Published by Williams & Stevens and Ackermann & Co. Enlargements below.

After the 1830s, the garment industry became the New York City’s largest industry. There were both changes in demand and production technology that turned the City into a center of ready-to-wear clothes. Mechanization greatly decreased the costs of mass production relative to custom tailoring.


East River


NYC in the 19th Century



Another view (inset from a large map.) of New York from Williamsburg, drawn by H. Winkles, published by John Tallis & Co. in 1851. Inset from a large map.

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Brooklyn East River


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Manhattan East River


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Manhattan waterfront


Waterfront NY



Southern Manhattan


New York City Brooklyn


NY Williamsburg


New York, East River from Williamsburg - 1848




Brooklyn Heights



NY 19th Century