Map of West Side Broadway at Bowling Green - 1855


Buildings on the west side of Broadway, between Battery Place and Morris Street. Fragment from the William Perris Maps of the City of New York (1st Ward), issued in 1855. Additional text in red and green. Source: New York Public Library.

Part of the buildings were erected after the Great Fire of 1845, including the Delmonico's Hotel (21-17 Broadway), completed in 1846, and the "house of lions" at 17-19 Broadway. The map also indicates other historic buildings facing Bowling Green: the Washington Hotel (One Broadway), Atlantic Hotel (3-5 Broadway) and Atlantic Garden (9-11 Broadway).


Map West Side Broadway, Bowling Green





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Bowling Green in 19th century


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Bowling Green 19th century


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Map of West Side Broadway at Bowling Green - 1855




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