Broadway, West Side. Vesey Street to Murray Street - 1899


Illustration depicts buildings on the west side of Broadway, from Vesey Street to Murray Street. The historic Astor House is on the left.

From A Pictorial Description of Broadway, published in 1899 by Mail & Express Company, publisher of the Evening Mail. Source: The New York Public Library.


Astor House


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Post Office NY

15 - Broadway, east side. Post Office. Ann Street to City Hall Park - 1899.


Astor House


City Hall Park


Pictorial Description Broadway


Panoramic View Broadway


Broadway NY 19th Century


Site of Woolworth Building constructed from 1910 to 1913.


Buildings west side

Buildings on Broadway between Barclay Street and Park Place in 1910. They were razed for the Woolworth Building in the same year.


Saint Paul NY

12 - Broadway, east side. Dey Street to Vesey Street. Saint Paul's Church- 1899.






National Park Bank

13 - Broadway, East Side. John Street to Ann Street - 1899.











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Broadway, West Side. Vesey Street to Murray Street - 1899