Manhattan's Lost Historic Buildings


Manhattan has lost a huge amount of historic buildings since Dutch settles established New Amsterdam in the 17th century. The astonishing pace of its development did not allow most buildings to remain on this land for long. Manhattan's oldest surviving building, Fraunces Tavern, originally built about 1719, was partially destroyed by fire twice in the 19th century and was thoroughly renovated in the early 20th century. More: Historic Buildings in NYC





Old City of New York


Lost Historic Buildings in Manhattan:

Adelphi Hotel, Bowling Green

Albemarle Hotel, Madison Square West

Aldrich Court Building, Lower Broadway

American Exchange National Bank

American Express Building - Old, Broadway

American Hotel, Broadway, Barclay Street

Assay Office Building, Walls Street

Astor House, Broadway

Astor Theater, Times Square

Belmont Hotel, Park Avenue at 42nd Street

Biltmore Hotel, Vanderbilt Avenue

Blair Building, Broad St. and Exchange Place

Bolkenhayn Apartments, 5th Ave. at 58th St.

Boreel Building, 115 Broadway

Brick Church, Beekman and Nassau streets

Brick Church, Fifth Avenue at 37th Street

Bryant Building, Evening Post, 55 Liberty St.

Calvert Building, former Stuart House

Century Building, 74 Broadway

Chelsea Cottages, West 24th Street

Chemical National Bank at 270 Broadway

Church St. John the Baptist, Lexington Ave.

Church of the Holy Trinity, old temple

City Hall - Old, Wall Street

City Hotel, Broadway

City Investment Building, 165 Broadway

Columbia Building, 29 Broadway

Columbia College, Madison Avenue

Delmonico’s Hotel, Broadway, Bowling Green

Equitable Building - Old, Broadway

Drexel Building, Wall Street and Broad St.

Domestic Sewing Machine Company Building

Evening Post Building, 208 Broadway

Everett House, Union Square

Federal Hall, old City Hall

Fifth Avenue Hotel, facing Madison Square

Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Gaston, Williams and Wigmore Building

German Winter Garden, Bowery

Gillender Building, Nassau and Wall streets

Gilsey Building, Broadway at Cortlandt St.

Government House in Bowling Green

Grace Church, original temple at Rector St.

Grand Union Hotel, Park Avenue

New York Herald Building, Broadway, Ann St.

New York Herald Building, Herald Square

Hoffman House - Old, Madison Square West

Holt's Hotel, Fulton, Pearl & Water streets

Hotel Bartholdi, Broadway, Madison Square

Hotel Bristol, 5th Avenue at 42nd Street

Hotel Majestic, Central Park West

Hotel Manhattan, Madison Ave. and 42nd St.

Hotel Marie Antoinette, Broadway, W 66th St.

Hotel Netherland, 5th Avenue and 59th Street

Hotel Savoy, 5th Avenue, East 59th Street

Savoy-Plaza Hotel, replaced Hotel Savoy

Hippodrome (Franconi) Madison Square

Hippodrome (P.T. Barnum) Madison Square

Hotel Vendome, Broadway, W 41st Street

Hotel Windsor, Fifth Avenue, 46th Street

Jerome Mansion, Madison Avenue

John Harris house, the Common

King's College, Church Street, Park Place

Knickerbocker Trust Building, Broadway

London Terrace, Old, West 23rd Street

Liberty National Bank, 139 Broadway

Madison Square Presbyterian Church (1854)

Madison Square Presbyterian Church (1906)

Madison Cottage, 5th Avenue, Madison Square

Madison Avenue Building, Madison Square

Madison Square Hotel, Madison Avenue

Mail and Express Building, Broadway, Fulton St.

Manhattan Life Building, Broadway

Metropolitan Hotel, Broadway and Prince St.

Merchants' Exchange - first, Wall Street

Murray Hill Hotel, 112 Park Avenue

Mutual Life Building - Old, Broadway

National Academy of Design, 23rd St.

National Shoe & Leather Bank, Broadway

Navarro Flats, Central Park South

New Dutch Church, Nassau and Liberty streets

New York Athletic Club - Old, C. Park South

New York Athletic Club - Old, W 55th Street

New York Produce Exchange, 2 Broadway

New York Stock Exchange, old building

New York Theater, Times Square

North American Trust Co. Building

North Dutch Church, Fulton St. and William St.

NY Times (first) Building, Park Row

Park Avenue Hotel, 32nd and 33rd streets

Plaza Hotel - Old, Grand Army Plaza

Pennsylvania Station, Midtown Manhattan

Poor House (first) in the Fields, City Hall Park

Post Office Building, City Hall Park

Produce Exchange Bank, Bowling Green

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Madison Avenue

Rossmore Hotel, Broadway

Royal Exchange, Broad Street

Saint John's Chapel, Varick Street

St. Cloud Hotel, Broadway and 42nd St.

St. Germain Hotel, later Cumberland House

St. Nicholas Hotel, Broadway and Spring St.




Early skyscrapers on Lower Broadway, looking north from Thames Street. Vintage postcard by Irving Underhill, about 1913. Singer Building, once the tallest skyscraper in the world, was demolished in 1968.


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Saint Paul Building, Broadway at Ann St.

Singer Building, Broadway

Stuart House, Hotel Calvert, Broadway

Studebaker Building, 1600 Broadway

Tammany Hall, Nassau & Frankfort streets

Tower Building, 50 Broadway

Tribune Building (the first one)

Tribune Building, Printing House Square

Trinity Building, First Temple, Broadway

Trinity Building, Second Temple, Broadway

Twin Towers, World Trade Center

Union League Club House, Union Square

United Bank Building, Broadway, corner Wall St.

University of the City of New York, Washington Sq.

Vanderbilt House, Grand Army Plaza

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel - Old, Fifth Avenue

Washington Life Building, Broadway & Liberty St.

Western Union Telegraph Building

Wilks Building, Wall Street, corner Broad St.

World Building - Old, Park Row

World Building, Printing House Square

Worth House, Worth Square

Yankee Stadium - Old, Bronx

YMCA, East 23rd Street and 4th Ave.


New York 18th century


Trinity Church 18th Century


David Johnson

All buildings were demolished.


Worth Square


Brick Church


42nd Street Station


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Singer Building


Columbia College


Hoffman House


New York 17th century


Old NY City Hall


Liberty Poles New York


Government House


Biltmore Hotel


Western Union Telegraph Building


Wall Street fire 1835



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National Academy of Design



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